Called to Care Ministry


Question: I have a concern. I would like a certain church member to receive a visit from a Called to Care volunteer.  How do I make this referral?

Question: I would like to speak to someone. How do I do that?

Answer(s):  We have trained Called to Care volunteers.  Some are matched in on-going relationships and some are in between matches.  All referrals for a Called to Care volunteer should go to the Church Office, then the minister will talk with you/the church member who has been referred and make a match with a Called to Care volunteer based on the ability & comfort level of the volunteer to work within that person’s/your particular issue.

If you are aware of someone who could benefit from the Called to Care Ministry team, please click here.

PLEASE  REMEMBEREven when people have requested that the Church Office be called and the minister alerted, hospitals and nursing homes no longer call to let the church know when a member has been admitted or is in residence.  PLEASE, please, please, if you know of someone who needs a visit, please call the office and let us know!


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