Welcome newcomers and visitors! 

Are you curious about this Church? How it came to be here? How it works?  What the United Church of Christ is and what it believes and practices?

ALL who are interested in knowing more about this specific church and how we are structured, govern ourselves, participate in wider church activities, raise funds and provide for programming, and about the United Church of Christ and how it works are welcome to meet with Rev. Don for a short, informal meeting to learn more about The Congregational Church of Plainville, UCC.

You do not have meet with Rev. Don before attending Worship.  All are welcome to join us for Sunday Service at 10 a.m.

If you would like more information or to set-up a meeting with Rev. Don, please give the Church Office a call at (860)747-1901 or email the Church Office at

Already familiar with the United Church of Christ…

There are several ways in which one can become a member of this church.  Those who wish to join are usually received into membership in worship on a Sunday morning.  On rare occasion the minister and a Deacon have received people into membership who were not able to make it to worship due to extraordinary medical constraints.

Letter of Transfer:  If you are coming into membership here at The Congregational Church of Plainville, UCC from another UCC Church, please ask your church Clerk for a letter of transfer to be sent to us at 130 West Main Street, Plainville, Ct.   It can be address to Church Clerk.   This letter needs to be received at some point around the date by which you want to join (preferably before you join).

Confirmation/Confession of Faith:  Either at the end of the time of instruction for those who participate in a Confirmation Class, or, as an adult member coming in from another tradition, people can also join  through a confirmation or confession of faith.   All members answer a series of faith questions when joining, giving and receiving vows in a covenantal service with current church members.  This part of the service is both rich and meaningful for all.

Associate Memberships:  Of late, and in our transient world, we have people who have been raised in one church, or have had a long association with a church that, for sentimental reasons, they do not want to resign.  They also want to be an active member in this congregation, however.  Through associate membership it is possible to do both!

An active member of the church is someone who attends worship and is active in the programming of the church as they are able and/or supports the church financially as they are able.

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