Calmly Plotting…

Lent 2014 ~ “Calmly Plotting the Resurrection”

E B. White, the famous writer of Charlotte’s Web and more, found his wife, Katherine, a brilliant editor at the New Yorker, in the last year of her life, placing daffodil bulbs gently into the Maine ground in October. She was “calmly plotting the resurrection,” according to White. She knew she was sick,  she knew she didn’t have long, but  she did have hope. Surely she was afraid. But she wasn’t afraid enough to resist planting. She reminds us of those women at first discovery of the empty tomb. They were surely afraid but not afraid enough to preclude their hope or joy. We begin Lent with a destination in mind. We too want to find the tomb empty or at least some tomb empty. We are willing to weep as long as joy comes in the morning, or to the next generation of bulbs or people.  Michael       Piazza, a new church planter, spends a lot of time asking people to let go of old ways of doing church. Perhaps another time than 11 a.m. on a Sunday, the time the youth we covet like to sleep? Or perhaps, for church meetings, stand up around tables in a café style, so that people can actually talk to each other rather than take  minutes? Mediate hard  fights that  happen without Robert’s rules and  perhaps instead use Roberta’s? Mike says, with feeling, “Help me plant a church for your grandchildren.”

This Lent may we calmly plot the resurrection, one bulb, one congregation and one day at a time. Amen.

By Donna Schaper, “Calmly Plotting”


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