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It’s Sunday School Registration Time Again!
We are gearing up to see our children and teens of our Church back together again after a summer respite! Please complete the registration form (now would be a superb time, before you get overwhelmed with all the upcoming elementary and High School forms) and place it in the box on the table in the Narthex or email or mail it to the Church. Click here to access the a copy of the enrollment form. Extra forms will be available on the table in the Narthex if you prefer to fill out the form at Sunday Service. This is essential as we want to have your child(ren) in the correct class and have enough supplies ready for the first day of church school.

Teachers and Substitutes are still needed for Church School Program.
We have an exciting year planned for our children, yet unfortunately, we are still short teachers and substitutes. We are fortunate to have a Middle School class this year and need a second teacher to co- teach. We always need substitutes for times when our teachers require Sunday coverage. Volunteering for programs such as Sunday school and other programs involving      children/teens is essential for the growth of our church. Without volunteers we cannot be effective in preparing a foundation for these young people to build upon as they discover their role as Christians. We have an outstanding program and this could be your opportunity to pass your knowledge on to another generation. If you feel as though you are not equipped to teach, no     worries, we can help prepare you for a satisfying year working with, and learning from, your students. I cannot think of a better way to strengthen your own beliefs.

With enough teachers, we can divide the classes into appropriate age levels, have adequate supervision and the children/teens will have a consistent program each week. This will encourage children to enjoy coming to church each Sunday to be with their teachers and friends.

I cannot express how important it is to have readily accessible substitutes. We all know there are times when things come up and our teachers require family time, church time, and sometimes a sick day. Having committed substitutes is so welcomed, not to mention, necessary. Please consider this plea: we need people just like you to help make this year’s program a rousing success. So please, take a moment to speak with anyone on the CE committee or better yet – one of our precious teachers: Cheryl Cone, Suzanne Colley, Nicole Guglietta, Sarah Heap-Crosby, Sherry Johnson, or those who have substituted in the past: Ruth Pater, Fran Heap, Rex Cone, Lori Cassinari, Pauline Mowry, Joanna Vastola, Steven Guglietta, or Marianne Wright. Consider     joining us for this exciting upcoming Church School Year.

Thank you!!

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