The mission of the Stewardship Committee is to help God’s people grow and deepen their spiritual lives through prayerful consideration and practice of the Five Ts of Stewardship.  It shall conduct a continuing program of stewardship education focusing on the Five Ts of Stewardship ministries, which are:  time, talent, treasure, trash prevention / recycling, and tissue.  This committee is responsible for planning and conducting the annual financial commitment giving campaign for the support of the mission plan of the church. 

Stewardship begins after we say “I Believe.”  It is a continuing, joyful worshipful response to the message of God’s salvation and produces a generous heart and a concern for all life, to be directed towards God.  Year-round stewardship affirms and provides witness opportunities.  The Five Ts of Stewardship:

1.            The Stewardship of Time involves using the life and time that God has given to each one of us to abundantly live, volunteer, and manage our time and energy to the glory of God.

2.            The Stewardship of Talent involves acknowledging and developing the unique talents and abilities that God has given to each one of us, to do the work God is calling us to do.

3.            The Stewardship of Treasure involves being accountable for money and material things which are created by God for us to experience the joy of giving and embrace a lifestyle of generosity according to God’s Word and Christ’s example. Stewardship must be a way of living and giving generously, a way of connecting individuals to the mission of the local church and out to the wider church, nationally and globally.

4.            The Stewardship of Trash Prevention / Recycling involves how we care for and respond to the environment, raise up green issues, and get active in showing our communities how intertwined environmental stewardship is with our Christian faith.  If we understand that the earth and everything in it is a gift from God, we must show our reverence for that gift.

5.            The Stewardship of Tissue involves caring for and honoring your body which is a gift from God, and upon death offering it for lifesaving organ and tissue transplantation so that many others can benefit from your ultimate generosity.


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