From the Pastor’s Pen ~ March 10, 2021

The big news is this – we will be returning to in-person worship services on Sunday, April 11th. Here is the rational:

  1. The Covid case numbers, positivity rate, hospitalization and death rates in Connecticut are the lowest they’ve been since we returned to remote services in October.
  2. The vaccination rate in Connecticut is among the highest in the country.
  3. Members of CCP are increasingly getting vaccinated, and those at highest risk (65 years-old and older) are almost all vaccinated here at CCP.
  4. The concern about the growth of variants has thankfully not matched reality.
  5. The weather is getting warmer, and cases are projected to continue to go down with warmer weather and increased outdoor activity.

As for what our return will look like, we on the Phase Forward committee are ironing out the details still. But in general, this is what it will look like (though subject to change between now and then):

  1. Whenever weather is conducive, i.e., warm and dry, we will worship outdoors on the front green using a speaker system and using a BYOC – bring your own chair – basis. Masks will be required for those not yet vaccinated.
  2. When worshipping inside, the following will be required:

Highly effective masks… We will hand-out KF94 and KN95s along with bulletins

Social distancing… individuals or household units will sit at minimum 6 feet apart

Hand sanitizer… before entering sanctuary and upon exiting

Inserts for hymns… no use of hymnals through summer

HVAC will be turned-off for service… so dress appropriately

No indoor coffee hour… working on possibility of outdoor/courtyard version

As for our children, the school year CE program will not commence until September. There will be a Covid-friendly summer program that Nicole is working on. That said, kids are welcome to come to worship services when we return!!

Again, I want to note, all of the above is subject to change, updating, etc.

Let me wrap up this discussion by saying this – YESSSS!!!!!! It’s finally happening!!!

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