“Bagel Church”

In the wake of 9/11, I’d often make the trek on weekends from NYC where I was attending seminary to my dad’s place in Kinderhook, NY. We were both asking big questions about our faiths, about belonging (or not) in our church communities, about next steps when it came to these things. On Sundays, instead of going to a traditional church, we’d go to a bagel shop there in Kinderhook center, get a bagel and a coffee and just talk. These are some of my most wonderful memories of my dad who passed away last year. We’d joke and say, we’re going to “Bagel Church.”

In many ways, our society is in the same place my father and I were back in 2001-2002. When it comes to religion and spirituality, many are collectively looking for a community where they feel belonging despite questions and doubt. Maybe “bagel church” is just what we need! Anyway, think about joining us! There will be bagels, of course, great coffee, an open mic for music, poetry, readings, etc. and meaningful discussion. This will be great for especially young people!

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