Meet the Minister

Pastor Donna has been an Ordained Minister and Chaplain in the United Church of Christ for 20 years, and a  Registered Nurse for over 35 years.  She has been an interim pastor throughout her ministry inspiring members in many churches who are going through change to seek the miracles in the midst of change.  Her nursing work has been in a variety of prestigious hospitals including Yale New Haven Hospital where she served as a case manager for women and children and a childbirth educator for young families.  Donna is also a co-owner of a private consulting business with her daughter, Lindsay Gibson.  You can visit their website at

On a Personal note…

Donna is the mother of three adult children and four beautiful grandchildren and lives in Southbury CT.  She has worn many hats as a spiritual teacher, mentor and mother, grandmother, daughter, wife and friend to many. She has learned the value of patience, humor and love when serving mostly through the path of motherhood. Donna enjoys hikes in nature with her frisky and energetic dog, Bella, entertaining friends and family in her home, an occasional round of golf, listening to music, reading and writing blogs and articles. Family life is most important to her personally and she uses her experience as a caregiver in the life of the church. Pastor Donna enjoys bringing families together in worship and ceremony, fellowship and service.  She considers being a disciple of Jesus both her greatest challenge and joy.  She has a passion for helping others find joy through the challenges of life.

Beyond her calling as a mother, grandmother and professional, her greatest fulfillment comes in helping ordinary people lead extraordinary lives and find the miracles in life.  She loves to kindle anew the giftedness in others knowing the ripple effect it will have throughout their lives as they enrich others.