The Mission Social Action Committee (MSAC) strives to be the social conscience of the Church. We inform and educate Church members about social issues of the world we live in by present weekly Messages of Christian Concern during our worship service.

Global Missions

Nationally and Internationally we support Our Church’s Wider Mission; contribute to One Great Hour of Sharing which provides immediate response to worldwide disaster, and ongoing programs to help people become self-sufficient; contribute to the Strengthen the Church program which provided many resources for church growth; contribute to Neighbors In Need, which is a Social Justice ministry, providing funding for programs in the United States and also for American Indian Ministries; and contribute to The Christmas Fund which helps provide emergency grants to UCC employees or retirees and helps supplement retirement pensions.

We also Support Church World Service each Mother’s Day by hosting a Blanket Sunday, where we sell Mother’s Day cards and each card purchased buys a CWS blanket, to be used worldwide in times of need.

Local Missions

Locally we continuously support the Plainville Community Food Pantry (which was originally housed in our church until it outgrew its space). We financially support the Prudence Crandall Center, St. Phillip house and the Plainville Community Fuel Bank.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets monthly.


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