T-Shirt Design Contest

T-Shirt Design Contest!

For our expanded Mum, Book & Bake Sale, we will need a unified look that makes it apparent how many people in a congregation it takes to pull together an event like this.  We are challenging     members of all ages to exhibit their creative ideas and design the t-shirt that we will all wear.  The designer of the winning t-shirt will have bragging rights for many years (or at least until next year if we decide to make this an annual event)!  As an added bonus, this contest will also serve as a fundraiser for the church, so the more participation the better!!!

Here are the details:

  1. Contest period runs from June 1st through June 19thDeadline extended to July 7th
  2. Submitted entries will be presented at next Mum Book Bake Sale meeting 7/10 for voting
  3. Winning design will be shared via Steeple/ Clock
  4. T-shirt orders will run July 15th thru August 14th
  5. T-shirts will be delivered around August 29th

Ready to begin? Go to:  https://www.customink.com/lab?ref=nav_v2

Design your t-shirt and save to:  ccptees@gmail.com



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