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In most cases, the family makes a call to a funeral home/funeral director at the time of death of their loved one. Should the death occur in a hospital, staff will make that call on behalf of the family. This sets in motion a number of services provided by the funeral home, one of which is contacting a minister (usually indicated by the family) on the family’s behalf.

In some cases, however, and for any variety of reasons, a family might choose not to work with a funeral home and instead wish to coordinate services themselves.

Rev. Don Erickson and The Congregational Church of Plainville, UCC have an open policy for most special services. Calls can be made to request Rev. Don’s services by members and non-members alike. The church is a sanctuary for those who are members and those who need the comfort of our worship space in order to feel like they have properly honored their loved one.

Please, if you need support during this critical time, feel free to call the church office or contact us by email. Additional resources and support are also available and can be arranged through the office, in conjunction with a conversation with Rev. Don.